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Crocs Shoes


For Women, Men and Kids … the most delightfully comfortable shoes in the world. Crocs® believes that comfort is the key to happiness, and our legendary Crocs comfort makes the world and happier place, one pair of shoes at a time. They are in a tireless pursuit of new comfort technologies, developing revolutionary materials that are lighter, softer and more flexible than ever imagined.

In 2002, they introduced the world to one of the most unique brands that anyone had ever seen: Crocs was different and it made some people uncomfortable. They’ve sold 600 million pairs of shoes around the world since their doors opened in 2002. They sell in 90+ countries, with 1 billion of annual sales making Crocs one of the world’s 10 largest non-athletic footwear brands.

The Crocs promise:  we come from a happy place of comfort, unbound by trend or tradition, unafraid to try and fail to provided accessible, affordable and comfortable footwear for every one, for everyday where live is lived, inspiration is found and innovation rules the day.


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