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Hoka One One

Hoka One One first gained attention in the running industry by producing shoes with oversized outsoles, dubbed “maximalist” shoes due to extra cushion; this was in contrast to the minimalist shoes trend that was gaining popularity at the time of the company’s founding in 2009.

Hoka produces both low-profile and max-cushion shoes for road, trail, and all-terrain; throughout its product line, Hoka shoes retain features like a low weight-to-cushion ratio and mid-sole and out-sole geometry designed to promote inherent stability and an efficient stride. The shoes are named after the Maori language phrase loosely meaning “fly over the earth”.

Deckers Brand, owner of Hoka One One, has always been more than just a footwear company. “We’re a  family of dreamers, doers, and innovators that believe in doing things better. As we work to become better at everything we do, how we better the world matters, too. That’s why we are constantly striving to create the highest quality product with minimal environmental impact, setting high standards for ourselves and the industry to follow.”

“I first saw these extremely cushioned shoes being worn by ultra-runners and trail runners” covering long distances, Dr. Mercer said. More recently, less intense runners have begun wearing the maximalist shoes, he said. These shoes promise plush comfort without a decrease in athletic performance, Dr. Mercer said. Rather surprising (to me), most maximalist shoes weigh about the same as thinner models, Dr. Mercer said, because the foam used for cushioning has a cotton-candy airiness.” (

Soft Shoe in Richmond KY carries Hoka One One running shoes. Our staff will more than happy to provide you with a FREE foot scan to determine the best shoe for your feet’s needs.

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