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Do What Moves You.

Comfort is performance at Swiftwick. Each line of socks within the brand has been engineered and developed with you in mind. At Swiftwick, their aim is to fuel your adventures with the best socks designed by athletes for athletes. Personal experience is fused with the most advanced fibers to create socks proven to propel your performance, so you can do what moves you®.

Why Swiftwick?aspire-four-black-compression-socks-9643lar

An active person will purchase and destroy 12-24 pairs of cotton socks during the lifespan of one pair of Swiftwick socks. Swiftwick socks are actually a better value in the long run!

Swiftwick socks are 100% made in the USA

When you buy American-made products, you are making our country (and our world) a better place. Swiftwick’s commitment to domestic production enables them to provide customers with the highest quality socks and stand by their “Best Socks Ever” guarantee.



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