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“Running Is All We Think About”


At Brooks, they take running and running technology pretty seriously. Their specialized high-tech features are what really set their running shoes and gear apart.


No matter the question, the answer is ALWAYS THE RUN.040715_brooks_hero

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, when you run you break free of things that hold you back. You discover your path to truth and joy.

Running makes good things happen.

It’s the best, most addictive sport the world has ever known. It fuels confidence and optimism. It makes you feel better about yourself. It can change everything.

 Brooks does one thing.

They make the best running gear in the world. Nothing more. Nothing less. Every design and engineering choice is informed by runners’ needs and the running experiences they crave.

Brooks balances art, science and runner insight.

Backed by in-depth biomechanical research, the products Brooks make for you feature innovations that are always advancing the fit, feel, ride, style and performance of your running gear.

 Sweat every last detail.

You might never notice each precisely tuned groove on the sole of your shoe or the high-tech weave that makes your jacket so breathable. But it’s those hundreds of little things that make your gear as exceptional as you are. You deserve it all.

Brooks gets you.

The team at Brooks are runners like you, and are insatiably curious about your needs, your dreams, your commitment to the run, your fitness and your well-being. They see the run as you do: it makes you feel more alive.

The Brooks brand lives, works and runs as part of a global community.

This planet is our playground. More than 100 million people run outside, so it’s critical we care for the world we share. Brooks gives back with a focus on causes that gets people moving.

Every day with a run is better.

No matter your speed, style or where you start, you end up in a happier place when you run. That happy place is the North Star at Brooks. It guides everything the Brooks brand does to inspire you to run and be active.

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