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Teachers, We See You

Teachers, we see you. We see your lives. We see that you not only have a family of your own, but your family has struggles and worries just like ours. We see that ding on the door of your car, the weeds poking through the mulch in your flower bed, and the tears in your eyes as you send your own little ones into a kindergarten class for the first time. You’re one of us.

Art Project featuring the hands of Brandi Woods’ 5th Grade Class at Kirksville Elmentary under the guidance of Art Teacher, Kim Hamilton.

We see something else in you too, that we don’t necessarily see in ourselves. We see a selfless commitment to our kids. Somehow, through all your life’s hurdles, you save part of yourself to give to kids who don’t belong to you. You instruct them, and watch them closely to learn their personalities and what makes them click. You observe heartbreaking situations, and provide a unique love for them that they may or may not receive anywhere else. You look out for their best interest with the eager intention of making them see their own value. There’s a lot more to teaching than math, science, reading, and writing, etc…  You’re growing the next generation, and you’re doing an incredible job. We see you, and we appreciate you!

“The curriculum contains so much necessary, raw material, but warmth is the vital element that grows the soul of a child.” – Carl Jung


To nominate your favorite teacher, just post his/her name and why you think that teacher deserves to win. A random winner will be selected on Friday, May 11th.

36 Responses so far.


    Jamie Bryant, she is an AWESOME teacher!! ❤️

    • Kalyn Sparks says:

      I nominate Jessica Ervin from Daniel Boone Elementary! She is an amazing third grade teacher who loves and cares for her students very much! She has dedicated 14 years to teaching and she definitely deserves $100!

  2. Jodi Walters says:

    I nominate Libby Rogers Horn! ?

  3. Daphne says:

    Amy Ritter


    Kristy Isaacs, she is an AWESOME teacher!!


    Brittany Anderson, she is the BEST instructional assistant!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Laura Lucas says:

    My husband Jon Lucas should receive this $100 gift card. He teaches special education and loves his students. He goes above and beyond to teach them and has the most patience of anyone I’ve met.

  7. Rodney Wilson says:

    Kim Wilson, Model Laboratory School – Nominated for favorite teacher.

    She spends her entire day on her feet working with special needs students, monitoring and maintaining peace in the lunch room, and connecting with students at all levels. She is a very dedicated person and cares deeply for all the kids.

  8. Satica Morgan says:

    Kim Woolums

  9. Jillian Fichetola says:

    I nominate Kristen Coffey, she is a phenomenal teacher!

  10. Tamra Pitman says:

    Kristin Richardson is a truly sweet wonder full Middle School teacher who would do anything for her students. She has been at Madison Middle for the last few years and work so hard for all of her students she’s a wonderful person mother and just all-around wonderful woman

  11. Janis says:

    Mrs.Reister from Kirksville is an amazing teacher!! She has been there for my kids and made such a difference in their lives from coaching their academic team to believing in who they are. This year she had to miss some due to some health issues and it was like I had a different child. When she came back my daughter was so happy and excelled with the support, understanding and genuine love that Mrs. Reister showed to her. She definitely deserves all good things including this gift card ?

  12. Sue Rankin says:

    I nominate Lindsey Banks

  13. Laura Weitkamp says:

    Nominate Chase Daniel as a deserving teacher at BMCMS for the work she does with the students and for the students, in and out of the classroom.

  14. Cathey Sparks says:

    I nominate Liz Renner

  15. jackie witt says:

    Mrs. Helm- lst grade teacher
    She is awesome and all the children love her.

  16. Kim Butler says:

    I nominate Vicki Reynolds!

  17. Kelly Winebarger says:

    I would like to nominate Jessica Langer from Waco Elementary! She is my daughter’s 5ty grade writing teacher this year, and she is phenomenal! Mrs. Langer has taught my daughter so much and really fosters a love of writing in her students. Mrs. Langer is always looking outside of the box for new and fresh ideas to engage her students. Everyone loves Mrs. Langer!

  18. Robin Rumsey says:

    I nominate Tammy Camel at Rockcastle County High School

  19. Cheryl Matthews says:

    Pat Sexton Smith was my teacher in elementary school.I am still in touch with her from time to time.She was always so passionate about her students.I love her and certainly hope she wins because she so deserves it! God bless you Pat or Mrs. Smith….

  20. Beverley J. Bailey says:


  21. Aurora Speltz says:

    Mr. Ben Osborne from Madison Central High School is an excellent teacher who makes learning fun and interesting. European History can easily be made dry and stuffy, but Mr. Osborne’s class is engaging, and he inspires me to do good work in his class and be a better person throughout my life.

  22. Megan Moore says:

    I want to nominate my son’s preschool teacher Mrs. Robin Beaver from Berea Community. She has helped my son grow in ways I never thought possible in early education. He has gained so much confidence this year and has blossomed at school and home. She has also been a caregiver for a sick relative with cancer. Traveling back and forth across state lines on weekends to be there for family and back to school Monday mornings to teach her kids. Her dedication is admirable and I’m blessed to have her as my son’s teacher.

  23. Marcy says:

    I vote for Elizabeth Nichole Adams, EBD teacher at Shannon Johnson Elementary in Berea for $100. teacher certificate. She goes above and beyond, volunteering for after hours non-pay activities to help and support the kids at Shannon Johnson because she believes in making a difference in kids lives.

  24. Toni Fisher says:

    Page Harman is dedicated to meeting the needs of her students!

  25. Megan England says:

    I’d like to nominate my aunt Denise Harover. She is a fourth grade teacher at Kingston Elementary. Not only is she a dedicated teacher; she is an incredible daughter, sister, mother, wife and aunt who always puts others before herself. In her precious spare time she volunteers at two local churches and goes out of her way for family and friends.

    • Adam Griggs says:

      Hi Megan, your nomination earned Denise Harover a $100 Gift Card! Just let her know she can pick up anytime within the next 30 days and she’ll need to have a photo ID with her! Thanks for participating!
      -Adam Griggs, Manager

  26. Amber Harover says:

    I nominate Denise Harover.

  27. Ryan England says:

    I nominate Denise Harover because she is a wonderful teacher who is very involved in the local community. She is also my Aunt and I would be happy if she was my son’s teacher.

  28. Leslie England says:

    I nominate Denise Harover.

  29. Liam Short says:

    I think Mrs.Christy Johnson should win the $100 gift card because she does lots of things for the students including me. She would like the gift card because she likes the store and the shoes you sell.

  30. Tim England says:

    I nominate Denise Harover

  31. Shelley Raines Lewis says:

    I would like to nominate Renee Bullock, Special Education Teacher at Rockcastle Regional Hospital. She works diligently to insure that the ventilator dependent students at the hospital receive a quality education and her compassion knows no boundaries!

  32. Thomas Brown says:

    Leah Brown Estill Springs Elementary she’s a wonderful teacher and it’s more than just a job she puts all she has into it for each and every kid

  33. Whitney Long says:

    Mrs. Bunch is the BEST kindergarten teacher! She makes their first year of school wonderful!

  34. Tim Harover says:

    I nominate my wife, Denise Harover. She puts in an extraordinary amount of time and effort into educating the 4th graders in her class.

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