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6 Struggles for Baseball and Softball Moms

Baseball and Softball Moms Are The Real Warriors Of The Diamond.

Here’s Just 6 Of The Reasons Why:

1: Uniform Maintenance – Kids get one jersey for a sport that is played on dirt, with multiple games throughout the week. Every mom of the diamond has had that moment 20 minutes before time to leave for a game when they suddenly realize their kid’s jersey is wadded up in the corner of their bedroom with a pair of inside out pants and one sock.

2: Little Siblings – The thought of sitting in the sun, watching a game with a breeze running through your hair sounds great. The reality is sitting at an awkward angle making sure your youngest doesn’t get in a fist fight or step in dog poop while they run around like maniacs.

3: Meal Planning – You really do want to feed your kids a healthy meal, but unless you shut down your day at 2 o’clock to have the healthy dinner on the table the moment your kids get home from school, it ain’t happening. Besides, you’re probably in full stress mode about the dirty jersey (refer to reason number one) you just realized is hidden like an Easter egg somewhere in your house. Drive-thru fast food at 9 pm is the best you can do some days. No judgement!

4: Other Parents – Everyone’s kid does something goofy on the field once in a while. It’s a difficult sport with a spherical rock flying at children’s heads at 70 mph, so you rightfully try to give them a break when they make an error or look at strike three. Then you hear the mom with the fancy folding chair mumble something negative about your kid and your horns come out. Showing any level of restraint in these moments are the most difficult part of parenting.

5: Keeping Up With Equipment Rules – Last fall, you decided to splurge and buy an expensive bat for your kid so they can get that extra 5 feet of distance on their fly outs. Spring rolls around and you find out the rules have changed, you have to buy a new bat, and you’re now the owner of a $300 metal stick that you can swat carpenter bees with at home. The bat racket is disturbingly similar to the college textbook racket.

6: Weather – Would you rather sit on a towel in the bleachers with wind, light rain, and 40 degrees temperatures or sit in blistering heat worrying about your kiddo overheating on the field? You don’t really have to pick one, because both will inevitably happen within the same week. God Bless Kentucky, am I right?

There are plenty of other horrors faced by baseball and softball moms on a regular basis. Next time you see a cute shirt at Soft Shoe you want to buy, a chair even better than the rude mom who mumbled something about your kid, or some stale nachos from the concession stand, treat yourself. You earn it every day! Feel free to comment and let us know about other struggles we failed to mention.

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  1. Leah Banks says:

    Concession stand work….need I say more.

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