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These Shoes Are Made For More Than Just Walking

These shoes were made for more than just walking

If we stop to think about it, all shoes can be walked in. Now if that was their intended purpose that is another story.

I am going to tell you the story how my shoes were intended for more than just walking.

I decided to take a few days off from work because I just needed some time for myself and time to relax.  I decided on this break from work, I am going work on doing things that make me happy and do some self-care. We all have or own devices on how we like to do self-care, but I am talking about things that are out of the ordinary for myself.  I’m not into the whole face mask, bath bomb kind of thing.  I started journaling in hopes of creating something bigger and help share my experiences to maybe help people one day. Even if it’s just one.  I finished reading “Girl, Wash Your Face”, by Rachel Hollis.  I even took myself on a Hike!

Now of course I did all the normal catch up on house chores and getting my daily workout in. I was more fired up about the things I did that were out of the ordinary.

I know you are wondering where shoes come into play in this story. Just hang tight!

While enjoying my book, the Rachel Hollis one (I highly recommend), I was just so enlightened on how much power we hold in ourselves but things we see in society makes us want to hide it. We hold a lot of self-doubt because we worry about what others think about.   To be honest, I feel that as I am typing this blog out. I want to share my story and my experiences in hopes it leads to at least impacting one individual.  I’m convinced I am here to do more, and I don’t want to hide my power. I want to do more even if it is to start with this small blog post.  I am building myself.

One huge step I took to start this journey was to do something out of ordinary, which was to go a hike. I have been hiking before. What the difference is I was doing this on my own. I was nervous but excited. I was excited to see what I could accomplish.  I was nervous because I had never done it alone or just for the fact that I’ve seen one too many horror movies.

Here we are at the path of no turning back.  I have my Oboz hikers on, I have my workout gear on, and even got my sweatband ready.  I was dressed the part.  I started up the paved path that takes you to the trails. First thing I noticed was how stiff my Oboz felt.

My Oboz Hikers!

They are made for walking but just not on pavement. Another thing I noticed was I made it over a huge personal hurdle.  The little paved path quickly turned to a dirt and graveled path.  There was also a beware of bear sign. “Fantastic!” My nerves got a little shook up at that.  I kept my wits about me and kept climbing up. This part is the hardest part of the hike in my opinion. This is just to get to the trails.  Up, Up I go, no one around just me and my thoughts. Oh, don’t forget about those nerves.  The farther I got the more comfortable I got, my nerves settled, my mind was at ease, Oh! my shoes they felt right at home on the dirt and rock trails.

When I finally made it to the trailhead, I took those obligatory pictures.  As I was wondering around trying to be the photographer that I am not, another hiker was descending down from the East outlook that I was planning on taking myself.  I noticed this hiker was female, maybe in her 40’s (I am terrible at guessing ages, she was just older than me). Biggest thing I noticed was she was also by herself. Seeing her making the trek down gave me confidence that I needed. If she can do it, I can do it!

I headed east. This part of the trail was easy. Good time to think of those ambitions I have for myself. Some of those ambitions is how to be a better professional, learn better coaching skills, and how can I be a better positive influencer.  I do currently hold a lot of potential and opportunities to proceed on these ideas.  One way I wanted to start becoming a positive influencer is by starting a blog. I’ve been toying around this idea for a couple days but then I had my sign that it was possible because earlier that morning I noticed an old college buddy of mine was launching one and seemed very positive that it would be a potential for me after I inquired about it.

I kept on walking, kept on thinking. The more I thought the more I got excited. There was clarity and then I had my other sign of confirmation. Another Lady just like before was descending from the top too! I was meant for this climb!  Figuratively and literally.  The closer I got the more excited I was getting even though the trail was getting hillier and rockier.

This hike was my game changer.  I know what I want. I know what small steps I need to get to it.  As I got to the look out, I realized this was more then just a hike it was a self-revolution….Then it hit me! Working in shoes has been the biggest part of my career and a title for a blog popped into my head. “These Shoes were made for more than just walking…”

These Oboz that haven’t seen dirt in over 2 years got me up the mountain side and to one of the most green and prettiest overlooks! They got me to the new level of confidence I have ever experienced before. They were made for more than just hiking they were made for me to rise to the top and to find myself.  I did just that!

What else can my other shoes do? I know they help me walk through everyday life but what else!?

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  1. Dean says:

    Great,inspiring blog.

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