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Walk a Mile in Abby’s Shoes

About Abby:

Abby is an EKU Senior Student, majoring in Occupational Science, with a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She walks a good eight to ten thousand steps per day on campus and at her retail part-time job after school. She purchased her Hunter Rain Boots and orthotic insoles at Soft Shoe in Richmond.

Why did Abby choose her Hunter boots (purchased at Soft Shoe in Richmond KY)?

“As a college student, I have to make my dollars stretch, so when it comes to buying shoes, I only buy quality brands that will last. I love Soft Shoe because of their wide variety of selection of brand names. I needed rain boots and Soft Shoe had so many Hunters to choose from. I selected these because Hunters are classic, stylish, and durable. And the staff at Soft Shoe gave me a FREE foot scan so I could pair my Hunters and other shoes with Aetrex orthotic insoles to increase my comfort throughout my long days at work and school.”


How was her mile made more enjoyable with her Soft Shoes?

“With my Hunter boots, my feet don’t get sore anymore, so walking across campus, to class, back and forth to the library is no longer a chore. There seem to be a lot of rainy days on campus, so now my feet stay dry so the boots are functional but they also look cute.”


Why did Abby choose Soft Shoe?

“Soft Shoe is the closest shoe store to campus, and the best place you can go to for shoes for students, athletes and professionals. I absolutely love Soft Shoe, you can go in there anytime and there is always someone to help you. They can scan your foot to find the shoe that fits your foot the best, but they will also help you find your perfect style whether for an outfit, for work or for something casual.”

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and people in our WALK A MILE video series. We’d love to hear where you Walked a Mile in your Soft Shoes.

Where will your Soft Shoes take you today?

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