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Walk a Mile in Colleen’s shoes

About Colleen:

Colleen is a Richmond business owner as Developer and Designer at TWINE Market & Design, Community Activist, Mom of two and wife. Colleen is wearing her Keen sandals in black.

Why did Colleen choose her Keen shoes?

“This is my 2nd pair of Keens! I’m always looking for a pair of shoes with great support, fantastic mobility but stylish and fun. I have scoliosis so need shoes that help prevent back and knee pain, as well as physical fatigue.”


Where does she walk her mile?

“My pair of Keens can be dressed up and down for when I’m on a construction site, at yoga class, taking my children to school, attending school events, moving furniture for clients, running around my store, and attending community events. I have a very active lifestyle, tracking at least 10,000 steps per day. I would not be able to change & wear as many hats through my day without great shoes!”


Why did Colleen choose Soft Shoe?

“My experience with Soft Shoe is second to none. Soft Shoe provides what we need for every member of my family.”

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and people in our WALK A MILE video series. We’d love to hear where you Walked a Mile in your Soft Shoes.

Where will your Soft Shoes take you today?

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