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Walk a Mile in Cristin’s Shoes

About Cristin:

Cristin is a Mental Health Therapist, on her feet nearly 12 hours a day caring for her patients and her family. She’s a working mom, so she understands the value of quality, comfortable shoes. She purchased her Born Temple Booties at Soft Shoe in Richmond KY.

Why did Cristin choose her Born Temple Booties (purchased at Soft Shoe in Richmond KY)?

“Born Shoes is a brand that I have learned through experience that provides comfort and quality I’m looking for. The Temple Bootie is also unique with lots of artistic detailing I like. For me this shoe hit ever criteria. I’m looking forward to taking this pair on lots of adventures.”


Why are quality shoes so important to Cristin?

“Being a woman or mom in the 21st century, there is so much to think about, so the last thing I want to think about is my shoes. They have to be comfortable and functional but also finding a pair I love is a bonus.  As a working mom, I walk many miles a day so I have to be comfortable. My shoes help me to hold little hands, stomp out big problems, encourage, teach and strengthen others.”


Why did Cristin choose Soft Shoe?

“Soft Shoe is super patient with my kids, in fact the last time I was in they played with my kids, gave them water and kept them entertained so I could do my shopping.  I bought three pairs of shoes that day. I love it here at Soft Shoe, its a therapeutic shopping experience when you come.”

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and people in our WALK A MILE video series. We’d love to hear where you Walked a Mile in your Soft Shoes.

Where will your Soft Shoes take you today?

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