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Walk a Mile in Mendi’s Shoes

About Mendi:

Mendi is President and CEO of the Richmond Chamber, she’s a busy mom, wife and new grandma! She is active in our community, supporting economic development and small business growth.  Mendi is wearing her Converse Low-top Chuck Taylors at the EKU Town and Gown event, but also often wears her Frye Riding Boots at work.

What shoes did Mendi choose to walk her miles in?

“Today I’m wearing my Converse for the Town & Gown event, because as much as I need comfort, I like to look good, be stylish and wear shoes that compliment my outfit. I wear my cute white Converse as I run around at Cityfest, Town & Gown, EKU Football Games, and dress down outings with my family. My other  favorite shoes are my Frye riding boots, which I have in brown and black, because I LOVE the look and quality, but they are also very comfortable.”


Where does she walk her mile?

“I walk an average over 10,000 steps per day at work, at community events, working with Chamber members and caring for my family! I need comfort as I run around town, but I want to look good too so what’s better than a pair of Chuck Taylor’s?”


Why did Mendi choose Soft Shoe?

“Soft Shoe is my go-to stop for shoes, apparel and accessories. They have a great selection and their staff is fantastic. I’ve had my feet scanned a few months ago, and the insoles they suggested with my running shoes has made all the difference! Soft Shoe is a big supporter of the Richmond Chamber and contributes much to our community.”

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and people in our WALK A MILE video series. We’d love to hear where you Walked a Mile in your Soft Shoes.

Where will your Soft Shoes take you today?

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