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Walk a Mile – Valentine’s Day edition!

About Nick & Kirsten

We’re so excited to interview our first couple for our Walk a Mile series: Valentine’s Day edition.  Meet Nick and Kirsten, who live in Richmond KY. They met as EKU students through mutual friends, they quickly became friends and workout partners. We are happy to announce they recently got engaged and are planning for their wedding in early 2019.

Let’s walk a mile in Nick and Kirsten’s shoes.

Kirsten, an EKU student walks an average of 10,000 steps per day. She’s works out regularly and is an avid traveler. Nick, a Financial coach in Richmond, walks 2-3 miles per day in Downtown Lexington and works out with Kirsten at the EKU Rec Center. They both bought a pair of New Balance Cruise running shoes at Soft Shoe in Richmond. Nick proposed in the middle of a winter wonderland at Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort in Snowshoe, West Virgina. To hear more about their romantic proposal, watch their video above.

Why did you purchase the New Balance running shoes and where did you walk your mile?

“These shoes were bought for me as a birthday gift by Nick due to my old tennis shoes having holes in them. I have walked many miles in these shoes. These are my go to gym shoes because of the comfort so they are a great shoe for when I’m also walking/running on campus to my classes. Trips to different cities, such as New York City where the only activity to do was walk around. I am in love with these shoes! They are the comfiest pair of tennis shoes I have ever had. They are black so they go with any outfit and can be worn at any time. My feet no longer hurt after my workouts and I would recommend these shoes to anyone who enjoys working out, walking, running, or just looking for a stylish comfy tennis shoe to wear!” – Kirsten

“They are fresh and very comfy. I wear them as I walk Downtown Lexington; and when I work out at the EKU Rec center with my fiancé. The Brooks offer comfort and swag during my workouts.” – Nick

How was your shopping experience at Soft Shoe?

“I love the atmosphere when I walk into soft shoe. I am always greeted with the nicest staff and immediately asked if I need any help finding anything. The employees have the best attitude and are extremely helpful. I recommend people shop at Soft Shoe if they are unaware of what they are looking for  because the staff is so helpful and will accommodate you in the best way possible.” – Kirsten

“Great customer service as always.  I worked at Soft Shoe for three years and a culture of customer service developed while I was there, so that every customer that walks in the door is equally given a great experience where we work hard to meet their needs and helping them in anyway we can. So now that transfers to me as customer and I will always shoe shop and Christmas shop at Soft Shoe!” – Nick

We wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day from the staff at Soft Shoe!

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