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Walk a Mile in David’s Shoes of Run Richmond

About David:

David is a manager at Kentucky Printing, who is on his feet 6-8 hours per day.  David is also an avid runner and founder of a local run group in Richmond KY, called Run Richmond. While training he averages 15-20 miles a week, and 5-10 miles of running throughout the rest of the year.

What running shoes did you purchase at Soft Shoe and why?

“I recently purchased the Brooks Ghost 10 at Soft Shoe. I had ran in Asics for several years, and the Glycerin recently but was looking for a shoe with better endurance and less pain. I had a conversation with the Soft Shoe staff about it, so they gave me a foot scan, and we tried on numerous pairs of neutral running shoes, before I settled on the pair of Ghost running shoes. In addition, I liked the way they looked.”


Where do you run/walk your mile?

“I run just about every Saturday morning at White Hall Historic Home in Richmond , as we have a group that meets there called Run Richmond.  Different people run different distances but nearly every Saturday morning you can find me there running.”

How was your run improved by the Brooks?

“I usually get about 300-400 miles in my running shoes, but my last pair wore down earlier and I was beginning to have shin and knee pain. And the first marathon I ran with them at the Quarterhorse Marathan last weekend, I ran 6.5 miles in them with no pain, so upgrading the shoes made a huge difference in how my legs felt.


“Without comfortable shoes supporting my feet and legs I wouldn’t be able to keep doing what I love and what I feel called to do, which is to run and help find ways to support others in their journey. It is less about the actual running and more about moving to either get or stay healthy. Without good shoes that isn’t possible.”


Tell us about Run Richmond and what inspired you to start the group.

“Running has been a game changer for me. I took up running in 2015 to lose weight and managed to lose over 50lbs. That experience led to the birth of Run Richmond. I needed community to keep me motivated and Run Richmond is here to help build connections in the running community. After I finished training for my first half-marathon, I realized this was a great way to help other people, and provide a way for runners to get connected and help support each other. We have people of all levels come, runners and walkers alike, we have some that run 16 miles and some that just walk a mile together. If you’re interested in movement, then Run Richmond is there on Saturday mornings to support you.


“I started the group about 2.5 years ago but has now grown into something bigger than I expected as we have a website, have races of our own, training runs and other events. The next event we have scheduled is The Historic Haunt 5K/10K and Little Goblin Run at White Hall in October 2018. We also have a Water to Wine race this Summer (details coming soon). We usually have several hundred people show up to run, and we donate part of the proceeds to charity. Its a really good time.”

How has Albert helped your shoe shopping experience?

Albert is really cool. The first time I came in and met Albert, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but once you actually get in there and actually see what’s happening, see the detail of your scan, and the full 360 scan of your foot, you learn so much about your feet’s needs.

“I would recommend the foot scan for anyone, but especially for a runner from my perspective, because you can see the type of shoe you need of your feet, whether you need neutral pronator, over-pronator or supinator. The foot scan will tell you what type of you shoe you need for your run. When I get asked about running shoes, I always tell them not to ask your buddy what shoes he’s wearing because his foot is not the same as yours, so go ask a professional to find out what type of shoe you specifically need to run in.”

Tell us about your experience at Soft Shoe.

“My wife and two daughters also love coming to Soft Shoe, and our entire family have bought numerous pairs of shoes there. I personally have bought several pairs of Keen shoes for work, as I’m on my feet all day.  My wife is a nurse, she is also on her feet all day so has bought shoes for work there. My oldest daughter is a runner, and we’ve relied on Soft Shoe for her running shoes over the years as well.”


About Run Richmond

Run Richmond is a community for runners and walkers in and around Richmond, Kentucky. This is a community for people that are at any fitness level. If you are able to move you are welcome at Run Richmond. There are no expectations of fitness or requirements to run long distances. Run Richmond is a group of people that enjoy the benefits movement has had on our bodies and minds. We encourage and support each other and anyone else interested in joining us.

Soft Shoe supports our local walkers and runners with our FREE foot scans, a large inventory of quality, optimal & highly recommended brands of running shoes, a reasonable 30-day return policy, as well as provides discounts to members of the Run Richmond group. Please inquire in store for details. 

We offer our customers, especially our runners, a 30-day wear test to ensure the shoes provide the comfort and support you need. For more details on our return policy, please see store for details.

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